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Prophet, #1 Best-Selling author, Preacher, Teacher and Market Place Prophet

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Camisha. H is a visionary, and a builder. The Lord has graced her to be a prophet not only in the body of Christ, but she is also a prophet in the marketplace.


Camisha. H only focus is the body of Christ, and her assignment by heaven is to help them to generate wealth outside of ministry, and not off of the ministry of Jesus Christ so we can advance the kingdom of God.


Camisha. H is an activator of gifts, and she believes that everyone in business, and ministry needs someone that is anointed to see, and hear what it is that Lord is releasing for the instructions of individual blueprints. 

Camisha. H is proven to carry the breakers anointing, and believes before anyone can walk in the fullness of what the Father has decreed of abundance strongholds must be broken. Her assignment before she can activate anyone's blueprint is first the enemy must be dethrone. Branding with Camisha.H is bigger than a business, its an assignment.

Camisha.H is attends Harvard School Of Business and has went down in history in the oldest Bibliography in the world for the Marquees Who's Who Award 2022-2023.


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